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Trying My Hand at Short(er) Fiction

19 January, 2012 (18:57) | Graham Moore, Signings, Writers and Writing | By: Graham

I wrote a short story called “It's Not About the Dog” for my friend Michelle Meyering's literary journal The Rattling Wall. As indicated, the story is not about a dog. But there is a dog in it. So it's not totally dog-less, or anything like that. As per below, I'll be reading from the story [...]

A Story About the Time I Met Christopher Hitchens

11 January, 2012 (20:19) | Graham Moore, The Sherlockian, Writers and Writing | By: Graham

The living have an odd tendency to want to possess the dead. We’d like to claim them as our own: To discuss them in a way that centralizes our own experience of them relative to others around us. “Oh, I remember when he and I…” That sort of thing. So I’m trying to be very [...]


30 December, 2010 (11:39) | Graham Moore, The Sherlockian | By: Graham

(FYI, all shipping and distribution problems appear to be fixed. Amazon is freshly re-stocked, as are B&N and your friendly neighborhood bookshops.) best way to learn french To celebrate, here's a video of my friend Johnathan ironing my pants in preparation for my first TV appearance, on the BBC last week. Johnathan is an actor, [...]

In the off chance anyone wants to buy a book…

19 December, 2010 (13:42) | Graham Moore, The Sherlockian, Writers and Writing | By: Graham

Alert Readers across the globe (read: my entire extended family) are pointing out that as of yesterday Amazon seems suddenly unable to ship the book right away. We’re looking into this — did Amazon run out of books? If so, does that mean they sold them all? If so, wow! — but in the meantime [...]

Dire and Ever-Circling Wolves

15 December, 2010 (14:24) | Graham Moore, Writers and Writing | By: Graham

Apologies for the infrequent posting of late; book touring turns out to be exactly as exhausting as they tell you that it's going to be, with one marked difference: It's also just weirder. Every reading the ratio of friends-and-family/strangers in attendance has gone down, which has been thrilling to watch as people I have never [...]