23 November, 2010 | Categories: Graham Moore, Signings, The Sherlockian | By: Graham

Yesterday I went by the Mysterious Bookshop in New York to sign their stock of books. Since I seem to be into posting photos of me smiling in various places lately, here's me and Otto Penzler kneeling before a stack of books 4x bigger than I am. It was sort of intimidating. But if you want signed books, they have about a million of them and are selling them as we speak.

Also, if you don't know Otto and his bookstore or his writing and editing, well, the guy's a legend in these parts. He even has a Wikipedia page. (I find this terribly impressive because I think it is my secret dream to have a Wikipedia page. The only problem is that the Graham Moore who has a Wikipedia page is way cooler than I will ever be.)
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Anyhow, this is Ian — he works at Mysterious — mightily presiding over my stack o' books, pre-signing:

And here's me and Otto, now with a billion signed books: